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Ghetto Fighter House
D.N. ASHRAT 25220 Israel, Tel. 04-9958080 Fax: 04-9958007

The museum is unique in its mode and conception.

The realization of the theme is mostly impresive and unforgetable for visitors.

The conception was to be educational and historical museum for children and minors - specially for school-classes.
But it also offers valuable impressions for adults.

At the end of the exhibition the children and minors are animated to realize and workout creativ their impressions with pedagogical guidance.
For this purpose special rooms are provided with necessary material. The tour starts in the highleveled hall and continues in a circel downwards. In the dome of the hall the windows were created by glasartists.
The patterns were originals of childrens drawings, drawn by children during their internment.

The first of the following drawings is the one in the dome.

The incomplete collection of the drawings reproduce the childrens impression of the life in the concentration camps.

The blaze of color in the pictures witness the will of the people to survive, their power, their faith and last not least their hope for rescue and survival.

The human and character firstclass-performance of these children and victims might not be used to gloss over the NS-regime.
Instead it should give power and courage to resist against any kind of inhumanity.
With childrens voices the visitors hear the experiences in concentration-camps in those days. They are based to authentic stories of experience of humans which have beared internment in KZs and survived that experience and that were living witnesses. In the lower level is a authentic lifesized model of a ghetto-area with the authentic noise-background.

In the further progress of the tour you acknowledge videos with experience-stories told by the survivors themselves.

The conception of this experience-museum is based on work of Mr.Anolik, a survivor himself.

At the end of the tour the visitor might be left breathless facing the strength of the impressions caused by the tour and the skills of Mr.Anolik to transmit the impressions.

We like to thank at this place Mr. Anolik and his coworkers for their fabulous performance and wish that their hopes connected with this museum will fullfill.
Their work reminds us in very human way not to forget the atrocities of the fashists in Nazigermany and that they must be remembered as warning.

Nobody visiting Israel should miss to visit this museum.

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