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    For the uprising third millennium a „living“ facility to honor Henryk Goldszmit is developed here.

    Under the pseudonym Janusz Korczak his name stands up for the demand to grant the basical -and human- rights for children. He spent almost of his income and contributions for his children’s-home and his children. He wasn’t a communist.

    His life was leaded by his faith and the search and struggle to provide justice and a better world to children. The cosmopolitan with Jewish creed together with 200 children dependent to him was murdered by the Nazis.

    In the Janusz Korczak Communication Center also Yitzhak Rabin will receive a place to honor his life and work .
    We truly hope that plenty humans might take part in the project and continue the struggle to continue the work started by Henryk Goldszmit and Yitzak Rabin.

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