The group "fünf brote und zwei fische"

    The music group "fünf brote und zwei fische" developed from a big youth choir of the Protestant church of Wülfrath. Our group has always been an ecumenical group. The name based on the Bible story of Jesus propagating bread, and to us it means "a little becomes much".

    Normally we sing an play the following instruments: keyboard, percussion, bass, flute and guitar (alltogether 12-15 persons).

    Besides this, former members support us. Sometimes our young group "Die kleine Kirchenband" plays with us, too.

    Unsere kleine Kirchenband  "kleine Kirchenband".

      In the beginning we only played new religious songs, then we started to make up whole divine services. Therefore it was necessary to write our own songs about special topics.

      The next step was making up small biblical musicals, at first only for children ("Noah" 1984, "Zachäus 1986).

      The last step was writing long musicals, such as "Daniel" (1988), "M.L.King" (1991) and "Kreuzweg" (1995). The last one was written about Bosnia, but it can also be used for other topics (charity concerts etc.) by changing the texts, the pantomime and the pictures.

      In 1996 and 1997 we developed the tragical about Janusz Korczak.

    Because of this development of our career we are not only responsible for text, music and arrangement, we´re also responsible for illumination, stage-decoration, effects, costumes and choreography. In winter 1992/1993 we got help from a professional stage, the "Wuppertaler Bühnen".


    We already published the following MC´s, CD´s and music books:

      • "Eigene Lieder": music book (sold-out)
      • "Noah": music book
      • "Zachäus": music book and MC
      • "Daniel": lyrics, music book and MC
      • "M.L.King": lyrics, musik book and MC
      • "Die Stadt Gottes kennt keine Grenzen (Viertelland)": MC
      • "Hamster raus": music book
      • "Janusz Korczak": lyrics, music book and CD.

    We still play nearly all of those musicals at live concerts. Technically we are able to play in front of 500 people (open air 300 people).

    We have been playing on Church congresses since 1979.

    Apart from that, we´ve been playing in parishes all over Germany (since 1978 more than 600 performances).


    Highlights of our career were

      a performance during a South America cruise on the MS Danae on 1981,

      a TV show on ARD (German television) in 1984 with songs by Oskar Gottlieb Blarr,

      a concert ("M.L.King") in the famous circus "Krone" (in front of 3.000 people) in 1993 and

      an event with the TV priest Jürgen Fliege in 1995.

      We performed the musical "M.L.King" more than 50 times.


    Sometimes we also played abroad, e.g.

      in Lüttich, Brussels, London, Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Kopenhagen and Latvia.



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